Email Hosting

Email Hosting

The all-in-one email hosting solution personalized for you

Create your own email domain name

Choose your own email domain name now and reap the rewards later. Whether for small business owners, larger companies, freelance creatives or simply job applicants, the growing importance of having a personally branded digital space is undeniable, and all this starts with a personal email domain. we have therefore streamlined the process of crafting a personalized email address and made it as easy for you as possible. As opposed to the limited freedom that free mail options provide, email hosting with us allows you to not only choose your own email name, but also your own domain name.

Benefits of hosted email

An email hosting service provides a stress-free experience for both business email hosting and personalized email users alike. With a hosted email service, you have the opportunity to create your own email domain – something which is not provided with a free email account. This can not only help you to craft a professional appearance but also stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. Enjoy an advertising-free user interface and an email domain that is yours for life – something which is not necessarily guaranteed with a free email account.

Email Hosting vs. Free Email Providers

Whether you're a small business or freelancer seeking a professional email, or simply a job applicant wanting to be unique, email hosting is the way to go.

Feature Our Service Free Email Providers Explanation
An individual email domain for a professional appearance Yes No This creates an air of professionalism for businesses and self-employed people.It can also help job applicants stand out from the crowd.
Advertising-free Yes No Free email providers are financed by selling the advertising space that crowds your user interface.
Email domains last forever Yes No If your free email provider goes out of business, you may lose your email address. An email domain on the other hand will never be lost.




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